Kid quilts

Last month (or was it in March?) I mentioned that I was letting my students design quilts and that I would make one.

Only 4 students turned in designs. I told them it was optional. Of those 4, two of them asked me daily if they had won the quilt. How can you not make 2??

student quilt drawings_0002

student quilt drawings_0001

student quilt drawings

From the beginning I knew which quilt I would make. But then, right before Market, I changed my mind and decided to make 2 quilts. Which means I had between getting back from Market and Thursday, a whopping 10 days, to make 2 quilts. Plus I was absorbed in the Fever Series.

I learned A LOT about piecing angles while making these quilts. They aren't perfect, but I'm ok with that and I don't think the kids even noticed. I was nervous that they would be picky and mean, but they were so excited and happy.

N. loves Batman. His was the clear winner to me. He chose these colors because they are his "favorite blend colors". I think he would have been happy with just a big piece of Batman fabric! I quilted it in lines that go from the edges and converge at the Batman symbol (Josh's suggestion).

N's Batman Quilt

student quilt drawings_0002

N's Batman Quilt-3 N's Batman Quilt-2

The other quilt was for A. She's well...she makes me laugh. But she half-asses things. Her design was awesome, but the colors were terrible. Terrible. She colored some of the squares in yellow highlighter when I asked if there was going to be any color other than blue. Sigh. She's just that kind of student. She WANTS to do well, but she doesn't complete things. Anyways, I loved her design so much that I have other plans for it and can't show it to you. So here's a glimpse.

A's Quilt

I feel like I can breathe now, knowing that school is over, the quilts are done and so are the books. This week is dedicated to Bee Blocks. I'm getting to them ladies!


  1. What an awesome idea! How fun! Did you give the quilt to the kids?

  2. well now I'm super curious about A's design!

  3. This is an awesome idea!!! I bet the other kids were kicking themselves for not submitting a design!

  4. That is such a great thing to do! The batman motif was a great idea too- congrats to N and his great colours too! Our school holidays are 7 weeks away yet, another half term to go

  5. You're a freaking teaching hero... seriously.

    That batman quilt is awesome. I can't wait to see what you did with the other one! :)

  6. Both quilts turned out great! I LOVE the grey sneaky peek. And yes, you are a teaching hero! How can those kids not love math now?

  7. I do not have words to describe the awesomeness that is this batman quilt! For real!

    (Why am I not following your blog? Off to remedy that.)


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