I'm on vacation**. Sort of. My mom is a miniature artist and is teaching a class in Castine, Maine for the week. I'm just tagging along because it was a free trip to see the ocean and greenery. I've spent most of my time reading the Mortal Instruments series. It was quite enjoyable! Just the thing for a few cold rainy days!

This place is just AMAZING though! If it weren't for the crazy winter I might even want to live around here. Here are some photos to make you jealous. ;) Don't be too jealous though. I'm staying in a dorm with a shared bathroom. Think back to the days of shower shoes....

There are homes that I want to live in...

Castine, ME - June 2011-20

Castine, ME - June 2011-16
Castine, ME - June 2011-19 Castine, ME - June 2011-8

And flowers...Some of them smell so divine that I wish they had invented smell-pictures!
Castine, ME - June 2011-18 Castine, ME - June 2011-7

And lobster-y things...
Castine, ME - June 2011-12 Castine, ME - June 2011-6

And beautiful structures and places. A lot of people must die up here, because there are cemeteries everywhere!
Castine, ME - June 2011-9 Castine, ME - June 2011-5

And delicious food!!!!
Lobster boil

**My husband is home, lest you think that this is a good time to burgle me. I guess if you are trying to steal my husband it's an ideal time...**


  1. Its beautiful in the north. Only I cant deal with the winters. Only if they were warmer.

    You take the best pics! You should give me some tips. :)

  2. Cute little houses! And I love your note at the end. :)

  3. You make me lol. Tell all husband stealing wenches that your husband is home taking care of your 14 kids ;)

    I am jealous of that barn. I would die and go to heaven if I got to live in an awesome converted barn! And the mortal instruments rocked, but I HATED the end of book 4. Cassandra Clare needs to write faster!

  4. welcome to maine, by the way! :)


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