I was gone, now I'm back, but soon I'll be gone again

Every weekend in July I have been out of town and the month isn't over yet. Sorry I haven't been around. I have lots o' pictures to share.

Some sewing for my niece Bexleigh. A quilt (with elephants) and a stuffed elephant.
Bex quilt topBex quilt back
Bex side

Some fabric (from the internets AND Berkeley)

The start to a Granny Square blanket

Some cards (art) from San Francisco. I LOVE the colors!

Have a great week! I'll check back in later. :)


  1. Nice pictures! Have fun wherever you are going next.

  2. Gorgeous quilt and lovely elephant - I made one too, I spent ages sewing the ears on straight! The crochet blanket looks like it's going to be gorgeous too!


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