It's a rant

I have a short temper. And my period. This is not a positive post, but I need to let it out.

I know this has been written about on blogs before, but I hate obligatory sewing. I like to sew because it makes me happy, not because someone has pestered me for 3 years to make them something that they know I HATE TO MAKE!!

And even after I had to toss the item because it was making me so angry to sew it, the person STILL tried to get me to retrieve the pieces and finish it. Grrr. Do you really care so much about a stupid fucking bag that you will push even after you've seen how upset it makes me???

I know that this is just one project, but really the pressure is annoying. So I won't be sewing for a few days to calm down. Which sucks, because I have some Bee blocks to finish.

Here is the aggravating bag in question.

Sorry to be such a downer today. Do you have any projects that make you irrationally angry?


  1. Just say NO! But because we are to nice I always offer to show the person how to do it themselves. I guess no one wants anything that much because I have never had anyone take me up on the offer! I did say no once, I have a good but extreamly large friend that does know how to knit, when she found out I was learning she wanted me to make her a sweater. I thought to my self, really I will never finish one for me let alone one for you! Life is to short to be forced to create!!

  2. I feel like this too - I have Christmas gifts from 2009 that still need to be given, but just don't want to focus my attention on them (for a variety of reasons). I wonder if painters, sculptors, others artists feel this way? Art craft without obligation? Probably a more difficult concept when your livelihood is also at stake... glad sewing is just my hobby!

  3. I know what you mean! I made a quilt for a friend and she was SO insanely picky and controlling that it was a complete chore to do it! She had to take all of the fabrics home to look at them in their natural environment, then rejected some because they were not the PERFECT shade of this or that (even though they blended just fine!! They were all from the same line!), and made me order new ones. I had to take pictures for approval before each step. I finally decided to just finish it the way I wanted to - if she didn't like it in the end, I figured I could just sell it. She ended up loving it but now she's having another baby and wants a second quilt...I'm avoiding the issue in the name of friendship! But clearly I still get fired up about it!!!

  4. Ooooo I SO understand this feeling. Right now I'm struggling to be okay with the fact that several important people in my life will not get quilts for this Christmas, or next Christmas, or ANY Christmas. EVER!

    It makes me feel so damn guilty and making anything with guilt and obligation in mind is just never going to work right, never going to be made quickly and easily.

    Here's a great solution for that bag:

    Ball up all your anger, all your guilt, all your feelings of discomfort.

    Write it all down onto a piece of paper. Put that paper in the bag.

    Then take that whole thing, bad feelings and all, and put it in your trash.

    I'm serious - that is the BEST possible place it can go. Release all that bad mojo and move on with something YOU WANT to work on.

    Good luck!

    Leah Day

  5. I made a diaper bag for my daughter a few months back. I really WANTED to make it for her, but I have never cried or swore so much over a project! It was infuriating. I mean near impossible to construct. Sooo glad when it was over. Anyway, unless this is for someone you reallly really love, I'd admit defeat & give it up. So many projects, so little time!

  6. I made my dad a scrapbook for Christmas one year of photos from a walk he and his friends were doing in the Alps. It was a 5 year walk (as I later found out, 10 days a year), this was my very first scrapbook and guess what? He wanted one for every single year after. Year 2 I didn't mind. Year 3 I was getting grouchy. Year 4 I was really resenting the huge amount of time I was spending on this over other presents, and I was still working on it after midnight on Christmas eve (as for the previous 4 years), Year 5 we're lucky we got to Christmas day with all participants alive! That last one was 3 years ago and there have been mutterings of trips to Italy next, and other grand schemes, but nothing has come off yet (maybe I should stop with the voodoo dolls ;o) ). If it ever happens, I think I will declare that all scrapping is permanently off!

  7. Sorry you are having a bad day! I know that feeling though, I am in the middle of one of those projects now, and I have decided it is going to be the last one ever! Yeah, I know that won't really happen but it is a nice thought! My advice to you is, Margarita!

  8. Oh no! Is this a friend you are sewing for? I seldom do custom orders (like twice a year, lol), I just really don't like to do it and it brings me no pleasure. Even getting paid is not worth it.

  9. sooo....wanna make me a weekender bag ;) j/k

  10. As a matter of fact - a few years ago my mom told me that she thought she was getting a quilt from me for Christmas (this was after I'd given her something else). I don't know what gave her that impression - I had already given her a quilt some years before and didn't realize she'd wanted another one. So I told her I have a huge stash and maybe I could make something for her. Big mistake! Now I'm making her a queen sized quilt for one of her guest rooms. It's the hugest quilt I've ever made and I'm doing it begrudgingly because she's super picky and telling me exactly how she wants it! Aaaargh!

  11. YES!!!!! I totally have projects like this! Just yesterday, my sister announced that she wanted a new quilt for her birthday (which is in 5 months) because the queen size one we already made her (less than a year ago) doesn't "hang over the edge enough" so they need a king. When they were the ones who gave us the measurements in the first place! And then there is my aunt who has a new project for me to do practically every other day, with fabrics I tell her not to buy, and ridiculous deadlines she passive aggressivly brings up every five minutes "I know your so busy with everyone elses stuff but..." Grr. Makes you want to pull your hair out sometimes!

  12. It's awful isn't it - why can't they learn to sew themselves? I have various members of the family who show up with trousers that need the hems taken up. Sometimes they even mention that they 'need them back to wear to a party on Friday night'. I hate doing that kind of sewing! And they never seem to realise that it takes me a long time to get them even etc. I'm sure they think it's a two minute job.

  13. I made a quilt for my Mother in Law about 2 years back. The kids picked the fabric so that make it fun. The problem is my MIL hates me and the feeling is pretty much mutual. She only likes quilts that are pink...I am not a pink fan. It doesn't matter how they are pieced or what they look like, as long as they are pink. She comes in my studio and picks through every quilt there (mine AND my customers) and says "I don't like this...I don't like that" until she comes to the one quilt on the rack that is pink and she loves it! Anyway, my husband thought I should make her a quilt so I did. But you know how when you are making something for someone you spend the whole time thinking about them...yeah, not a good idea when it is someone who makes you crazy. So everytime I worked on it, I would be mad and would just walk away from it for weeks at a time. I was so happy when it was done and gave it to she complains it is too warm!!!!

  14. Love it! First of all, is the the Amy Butler Weekender bag? It is a great bag with great lines but, I've heard of many experiences sewers cursing over this one!

    And, YES, YES, YES, I hate when people ask me to make things for them. I used to say yes and force myself through the painful process. I now politely say no. I explain to them that sewing to me is not about the sewing it's about the creative process. My problem now is feeling obligated to make quilts for gifts for people. And even though they are designs that I like the deadlines drive me crazy when I'd really like to be working on all my other 101 ideas! Good luck!

  15. Oh Ali, do I ever hear ya! For me? It's mending. I make quilts. That's it. I occasionally do a little handwork to keep the fingers nimble for miles of binding. I do not mend. I'll sew a button back on my own clothes (sometimes). But for someone (my husband, my brother...) to hand me a 12 year old pair of shorts with a 3-corner tear and ask me to make them like new?? F-that. Buy a new pair of shorts, buddy!!

  16. Kristie at OCD recently offered to "slap up" someone that was bothering me, so I feel I should pay it forward and offer the same "service" to you as well. Let me know who needs to be slapped up and I'll take care of her ;) (I'm assuming it's a "her"...although realistically it could be a man with very poor taste in handbags *wink*)

  17. Making the AB Weekender made me irrationally angry and frustrated. It's finished now. I look at it. But it sits on the floor and hasn't gone anywhere for the weekend...

  18. i started out making quilts for specific people, and so far i like that way. to have to make something to order....doesn't sound like fun to me, and i think i would be thanks.

    if i'm planning to make a quilt for someone in particular, i might ask them what their favourite colours are....but that's where the "requests" end.

    i would feel the very same as you.... if i had to make things to order....

    chin up.....and give 'er!!


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