Bags! Just not Weekender Bags

Remember how angry I was about having to make a bag for some unnamed person? Well that person was my mom. Only my mom can really get under my skin like that.

But I'm not a terrible daughter and I ended up making 2 bags fer her, just not Weekender Bags. Jeez, that pattern just kills me. Kelly, you know how much I like you now, right? I wanted the colors to be fairly neutral. The AMH fabric on the lighter gray bag matches the wallet that she pestered me into making her.

Bag for Diane-4

Below is the interior of he corduroy bag. I adore the fabrics and I think that they are more me than her. You know, just in case she didn't like it I had to make something that I would like. Right??  I wish I had a detailed picture of the exterior zipper, because that took a lot of brain power for such a little thing.

Bag for Diane-2

And the interior of the other bag. I modeled this one off of the Weekender in size and shape. I didn't use peltex on all the sides, so it doesn't hold it's shape as well. It's still roomy though.

Bag for Diane

I'd really like to find a large bag pattern that I enjoy making. It does exist, right? I know there are lots of tutorials out there, but none of them meet all of my requirements. I don't actually know what all my requirements are though...


  1. Ah yes, I think parents in general have that particular talent to demand things that will drive you up the wall! Still, the bags look fab, I'm sure she'll love them.

    I've taken to designing my own patterns to get what I want, alas, not had time to make any up yet!

  2. These are great.....they have nothing on my bag though! :) My bag is the bestest bag EVER! My mom pesters me all the time to make things for her "Just whip me up (fill in the blank)" Geez! I no sooner make her a bag then she's asking for another!

  3. Congrats on the finish! I am still procrastinating on a bunch of my "you want me to make what..." projects. Yours turned out super cute even if they weren't overly fun!

  4. I really like the corduroy bag- is it your pattern or one that I could get my hands on????
    (PS my mom doesn't even ask- she just sends her "requests").

  5. The Weekender--hasn't left the house for a weekend away. So there.

  6. Ooh, I especially love the corduroy version! These are lovely.

  7. these are spectacular ali! i totally want to make a big bag in time for snowboarding season!

  8. want. want. want. want.
    Those bags are amazing!!! Super amazing! Love the colours you've chosen. Will need to take some lessons from your Mom and figure out how she gets under your skin enough to get bags and wallets made! ;-)


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