Martha Stewart Whole Wheat Brownies

I have some sewing stuff to share, but I had to share this email from my husband. It was sent at 3am. He is a notorious midnight snacker.

"so, I feel like an idiot.

Just for a moment, I took the tuperware containing the left over ravioli's out of the refrigerator so that the brownies would fit in.  I meant to put the Ravioli's right back in on top of the brownies.

I have no idea where the ravioli went.  Somewhere in the kitchen is a tuperware with ravioli in it, but I have no idea where, and I've spent the last 15 minutes looking for it.

When (if?) you find it, please let me know where it went.  It wouldn't surprise me to find it in the bathroom or something."

Yup. I've found the TV remote in the freezer before. He'll pick something up, move it, and have absolutely NO recollection of it.

Also, I threw away the raviolis before going to bed, so I have no clue what he actually took out or where it is.

Lastly, DON'T PUT MY BROWNIES IN THE FRIDGE! I makes them all hard and gross. :( I must say that these were delightfully cakey, like from a box mix! Martha had me fooled with the whole wheat flour and applesauce that they would be healthy, but the amount of butter used kills that notion quickly. Martha Stewart Whole Wheat Brownies


  1. soooo funny! Glad they were good brownies before hubby refrigerated them! Maybe a few seconds in the MIC will bring them back to life. Just a thought...

  2. LOL My husband is the same way! I find notes on the fridge asking where something is. Took him to the airport this morning and had to locate his boarding pass 3 times! So glad I'm not alone... ;-)


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