More Stars

I've had the idea for this pillow for a while, but only got around to making it yesterday.

yellow star pillowyellow star pillow-3

I used the small star template from my Starry Night Pattern and then added some larger pieces to make it off-center.

yellow star pillow-2

Today I'm working on another project that will make use of the medium star template. So even if you aren't inclined to make the quilt, keep in mind that the templates and directions can be used for other project too!

This pillow case fits a 16" x 16" pillow form and is available in my shop


  1. Your new quilt pattern is lovely, and this little wee yellow star is so happy! The quilting is fabulous on this pillow, too.

  2. LOVE this! The black almost looks like velvet or something... it gives it a very rich look. :)

  3. Beautiful. SO happy I purchased your pattern!!

  4. Love it! Love the patchwork, love the quilting, love it!

  5. Gorgeous pillow! So happy I bought the pattern. :)

  6. love the pillow- the pattern, the yellow star, and the stitches to emphasize it. wonderful!


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