Popping in

I have been getting in touch with my domesticity.
1. How is there so much cleaning and laundry to do?
2. I LOVE cooking! I make dinner almost every night
Honey whole wheat bread
Love my bread machine!

I have been doing some sewing too.
1. I finished a play quilt for my niece today, but I'm not going to share pictures until my sister receives it.
2. I have a new item that I want to add to my shop, so I've been building up stock. The only problem is that I don't have a good place to take pictures. : \ This is when a house would come in handy...

Some peaks for you.

Fabric for next project

More fabric options
To quilt and bind


  1. yummy bread! What machine do you have? Do you recommend it?

    Pretty quilts and fabric bundles too. :)


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