I'm not fast, nor will my knees ever be able to do a marathon. I do, however, enjoy a nice jog. Since I've been sleeping in I've had to just run on the treadmill. Today I woke up early though and went outside.

My preferred run is the "Bunny Trail." We call it this because we always see wild bunnies along it! Here are some pictures that I stopped for this morning.

Morning run bunny trail
This is about half-way down looking back up hill. It SUCKS to finish running uphill.

Morning run grass
Some plant glowing in the sun.

Morning run flowers
Cute little yellow and purple flowers.

Morning run power lines
There's something about powerlines. The wood poles against the blue sky are just so pretty. Is it safe to run under powerlines? Eh, my husband doesn't seem to mind and he works with them.

I run with my iPhone and use the LogYourRun app.

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