Birthday: Baby play mat

Many of my non-quilting friends think that it is ridiculous that I made a quilt to be used on the floor. Something that my niece can play on and barf on. But I am a quilter and I like making quilts that are used however they are needed. And I would do quite a bit for this cutie (who just started to crawl!).
Foam Mat

Remember my Bento dilemma? Well, I did end up Bento-ing, but only partially. It was just WAY too busy with only bento blocks. So I worked in some square in square feature blocks too.
Bento Baby mat-3Bento Baby mat-2
I based the colors on Lizzy House's 1001 Peeps with some Kate Spain Terrain and Tula Pink binding.

The back is a vintage sheet that I thrifted a while ago. I thought that I would make aprons from it, but it matched this quilt too perfectly to not use! Unfortunately I didn't notice a few holes until after it was all basted and partially quilted. I made this little patch (and a signature patch) to cover the holes. ;)
Bento Baby matBento Baby mat-4

I stitched in the ditch along the blocks. I was originally just going to tie it but there wouldn't have been enough ties. Then I decided to do some hand stitching. Yes, on a baby floor quilt. It's very soft since the quilting was so light.
Bento Baby mat-6Bento Baby mat-7

I'm pretty happy with it. And I've realized that Bentos just aren't for me. Except maybe in lunch form. ;)

Tomorrow, the rest of the birthday goodies that I sent to my sister!


  1. call me crazy, but I really like the Bento ones! :) I also really like the mix of the two types of blocks! It makes this quilt so much fun!

  2. Very sweet! I think the partial bento is the perfect compromise!

  3. I just found your blog day before yesterday and have spent the last three days absorbing and loving it all! You have a wonderful life and such great style, it is fun to peek in. Love up that wonderful husband of yours and enjoy this stage. One day the house will come with all its repairs and yard work and money sucking problems. It will still be worth having, but you will also long for the days of renting and free maintenance. For now I give you my pre house mantra, "A little home, a home of my own, out of the wind and harms way"

  4. cute niece!
    I like the mixture too... it turned out great! :)

  5. I love that you mixed the blocks in...adds interest without being totally crazy (:


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