Dinner this week

I made my mom's Sour Cream Coffee Cake this weekend for snacking / dessert / breakfast. The smell reminds me of Christmas. I can't find a recipe that's like hers online, but I did sub half of the flour with whole wheat flour and it's just as delicious.

Sunday: My take on Tunisian Couscous (I ate this a lot when I lived in Paris)
baby carrots, 1.5 large zucchinis (big chunks), onion, 6 whole cloves garlic (crushed), button mushrooms (quartered), 2 chicken breasts (with skin & bone), 1.5(ish) cups crushed tomatos, 1 cup chicken or veggie broth. Pressure cook until chicken is done, about 15 min. Remove chicken to plate and cut off of the bone. Add 2 cups medium couscous to pressure cooker, salt, pepper, cover and warm for about 10 min, until the couscous is done. YUM!!! Winning meal!

Monday: Bacon wrapped scallops with wilted spinach

Tuesday: Breakfast

Wednesday: I skipped lunch and had a grumpy attack, so we went out... :(

Thursday: Orzo (similar to last week)

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