Happy Birthday Tam!!

Today is my sister's 30th birthday. That means that I'm almost 30! Yikes.

She asked for a few items over the course of the summer. I've slowly been working on them and got them mailed last week. I didn't individually wrap everything, but opening a box counts, right??

Yesterday I showed you the quilt I made for them. Here's the rest of the stuff.

The card. A bit of washi tape!
Tam's b-day presents-7

For her office. A little quilt to cover her pump and some matching pillows for her couch. She really liked the Grand Bazaar fabric (as do I!) so I pulled colors from one of those prints.

Tam's b-day presents
Tam's b-day presents-2
Tam's b-day presents-6

For the baby. She throws up. A lot. This bib is a joke between me and my husband and is a Left 4 Dead video game reference.
Tam's b-day presents-3

Happy Birthday Tam. I love you lots! 


  1. Ooh, love that mini quilt! The pieces you chose to compliment the backing are fabulous. I'll be thirty before the year is out; yikes!

  2. Ha! That's a n awesome bib. I hated those guys and some how I always got vomited on!


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