I met my husband working at a music lounge. He's really into music and I was really into him! ;)

I go through music phases and right now I am stuck on 4 bands. Some are new to me and others I've know about for a while but I still can't get enough.

1. The National. I first heard them because of their Portal 2 song - Exile Vilify. The hubs had a cd of their too, so I grabbed it. He bought it then never listened to it (this happens a lot). I don't think he cares for them either way, but I'm obsessed!

2. Mumford & Sons. I've been hearing a song on the radio from them for a while, but didn't know who it was. Heather's music got me hooked and I grabbed the cd from the hubs (another cd he bought and never listened to!). It's like folky Irish music.

3. Florence & the Machine. They have a song on a Twilight soundtrack. My husband was actually hooked before me on this one.

4. Edward Sharp& the Magnetic Zeros. I heard a song on the radio, then saw the cute father/daughter video on Youtube. The first half of the album is great, but after song 7 things take a turn for the worse.

So, even though I don't like websites that play music, I have added a playlist with sample songs for your pleasure. :) It won't start automatically. You have to click play.

What music are you currently obsessed with??

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  1. I like your choices- Ben Howard is my current obsession- guitar singer song writer, a bit folky and a bit surfy, refelcts the area, he is local! Further Away is my fav

  2. Alas, thwarted by international licensing laws! Love Mumford and Sons though, and Florence and the Machine, haven't heard of the other 2 before though

  3. Thank you for posting this playlist! I am familiar with some of the songs and love them, but the others were a happy surprise. I've been listening to it for a while now! Really good.


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