I have been lazy lately and haven't been using my nice camera as much. The iPhone is just too convenient! But with Sewing Summit coming up, and me trying to get an Etsy store going, it was time to make new business cards.

I printed my last batch with Moo and will use them for my new ones too. You can pull pictures directly from your Flicr account, which is perfect for me.

So I have been waiting for picture weather. I gathered my props into a box and set it by the door, eager to get this taken care of. This morning a lovely cloud coverage and 70 degree weather signaled that today was the day! (The clouds have passed and it is now sunny and warm! This is why you have to be ready on short notice.)


Here's a slideshow of the images I took today. Mind you I took close to 200! These are the best, edited in Lightroom. I will also be offering these as prints in my shop.

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  1. you got some great shots! I love the thimbles and the rainbow thread and the one with all the blues and the one coral and the blues with the gold. Hmmmm, sounds like an order.


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