Lovely ladies

I have a confession: I didn't take any pictures at Sewing Summit. Bad blogger!!! I'm borrowing other people's here because they are much better documenters. 

A few summers ago I attended (the first) Squam Art Workshop. And while the setting was amazing and the classes were top notch, I didn't get what all the fuss was about when people went home and were going on and on about re-entry and being hung over. But now I get it. 

Sewing Summit was like Squam x10, maybe because I actually connected with the people instead of feeling like an outsider the whole time. Were there "cliques"? Yes, but they weren't exclusive. We all got along and were naturally drawn to like-minds. It happens. And every single person was nice to me. I really didn't want to go home.

I could go on for days about the ladies I met. I knew most of them through blogs and Flickr but they are SO MUCH BETTER in real life. There wasn't enough time to just hang out!

I met (most of) the Bee Tweet group (photos by Amy)


#beetweet members!
Laying on Erin's quilt
And I had some great conversation with this bunch at the ORBC dinner. It made me really want something made with rock color fabric.

Photo courtesy of a different Amy

Then there was Kaelin and the ladies who helped with the FQ swap.

Downtown SLC
Photo courtesy of Kaelin

I can't wait til next year! The people truly were the best part. I wish we all lived closer. 


  1. Heh, I think I've read a number of posts from people who haven't liked going back to reality! I so wanna play next year...

  2. I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award.
    Please check it out here.

  3. OK, I was just CRACKING up reading this! I have thought of rocks too...I so enjoyed meeting you at Summit and wish we had more of a chance to hang out. It was so fun!


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