On the road again...

What I WON'T miss

- The smell the comes through when our side neighbors cook (think stewing a boot covered in poop)
- The neighbors upstairs who LOVE to vacuum at crazy hours and drop cigarette butts into our plants
- Finding a parking spot late at night at our apartment complex
- Living in an apartment in general
- Driving 8 hours to get to Ikea
- The lack of trees
- Using gallons of moisturizer because of how dry it is
- Summer
- Being near a small airport
- Crazy expensive flights to go home for the holidays

What I WILL miss

- These ladies
- Hip Stitch
- How awesome my hair is without humidity
- The sunsets
Some NM sunsets 

- Snowboarding
- The park near us

I'm really looking forward to this move. We've wanted to move away from Albuquerque since we moved here; it's never felt like home. The city was good to us though. We both were able to find awesome jobs that helped us establish ourselves. We've been able to see a lot of cool places (more on those later!) and meet cool people. And now it's time to go home. :) 


  1. Amen on the humidity + hair = disaster. Hate it. And so hard to avoid humidity in Australia. Have a safe trip!

  2. You'll be missed here....but I understand the lure of HOME. Thanks for being such a great asset to Hip Stitch! (and for listing the store as what you'll miss)

  3. I am SO behind! You're moving!?! Will try to pay more attention. Georgia, eh? Beautiful there.

  4. I love reading your likes/dislikes about living in NM. I'm from AL (but now living in Hobbs, NM), so I can definitely relate! I hope you enjoy this new chapter in your life!


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