Back in August I saw the Oh, Fransson! Billboard Quilt-along and had an idea: make Sewing Summit quilts for Amy and Erin

I knew that this was too much to undertake alone and would be more meaningful if more people participated. So I put together the SSSS Bee - Super Secret Sewing Summit Bee. I made a Flickr group and was fortunate enough to have a bunch of ladies sign up to help!

Photo courtesy of Amy
Each person was assigned a letter and given 10 days (!!) to complete two blocks and two siggy blocks and mail them back. I also had 4 ladies help out with the back and Chris offered to quilt it (thank you!!). Chris used a wandering block pattern and avoided all the letters and siggy blocks. Can you imagine? 4 days, 2 huge quilts, dense quilting...she truly is amazing!

Photo courtesy of Chris
It was up binding it AT Sewing Summit on Erin's sewing machine (I think Kristie might have a pic??), but I got it done and am so happy with how it turned out. I think Amy and Erin loved them as well. 

And did you notice that I'm borrowing other people's pictures? Yeah, didn't get ONE of the finished quilt. Glad Amy's on top of things (so on top of things that she has an awesome Sewing Summit recap post!)

More about Sewing Summit later!


  1. Oh those are just fab, what a lovely idea

  2. wow ali! what a huge undertaking, nice work!

  3. Ali, this was such a great idea and the quilts are so beautiful, and I know really touched all of us there. Great job!


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