So, I'm not very stylish. My jeans are mostly too long and thus cuffed (I can't be bothered to hem my own pants!). My shirts are all solid colors or have some sort of nerdy math joke. I mean, not terrible, but not great either. Especially since doing my make up is rare and doing my hair is rarer. Sigh.

But I have decided that this is my next undertaking. I feel like I have sewing, cooking and cleaning down, so my next goal is clothing.

My friend Mandy linked to The Tiny Twig's new website - who just happens to be having a great series on style!
Just what I need!! Today she wrote about using Pinterest to figure out your style. I had actually never pinned any clothing pictures, so I've been on the lookout. I basically know what I like, it's just a matter of pulling it together for myself!

Jumping the gun a bit, I did a little sale shopping at Target today. Coral was my obsession. Can you tell??? (This is a VERY hard color to capture accurately. I shoot RAW and this was the best I could do.)

coral collage

While I don't know the "rules" yet, I do think these pieces are great. A simple cami for layering under things. A very soft cotton tee (would look great with jeans and a blazer). A nicer blouse tank, which is long enough to cover my bum should I wear with with leggings and boots. And a scarf!! I almost bought a different but similar scarf, until I found this guy in the sale section for less than half the original price. Score! If you are going to Sewing Summit, you will see this scarf all weekend. :)

These are summery (thus being on sale), so how can I make them wearable this winter? Also, where can I find some coral flats?


  1. I think coral with gray can definitely be wintry. I personally like a punch of color like this year round! I'm not very pulled together, either, so I can relate. I'll look for your pretty new scarf at the Summit!

  2. Love this colour (though I can't wear it - damn you red hair). You could easily winterise the t-shirt and blouse with jeans and a long sleeve white t-shirt underneath. Try and find a scoop neck one so you don't distract too much from the neck lines of the over lying garments. Tres jolie!

  3. I'm with you on the no makeup, no hair combing thing. I catch myself wishing my closet worked like the Jetson's - it automatically puts your clothes on and you wear the same thing every day!

    Recently I took a good hard look at my closet and realized I didn't like or wasn't comfortable in 90% of my clothes - so I chucked all of it and took my wardrobe down to just 5 shirts and 5 pairs of pants.

    It's been a wonderful change and now the only things that go in the closet are the clothes that REALLY fit well and look great.

  4. I think if you paired any of these with some cashmere leggings and a really fun cardy over the top they would work for winter. Or do what I (The fashion challenged one) do by layering longsleeve shirts underneath anything I enjoy wearing so I can wear it most of the winter.

    LOVE the scarf. and I love these coral shoes:
    (just drop down to coral...)


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