My rectangular zig zag string quilt

On Monday I shared my drama of getting this quilt started. Seriously, I marked a few blocks 5 times!!

Unfortunately, all that work didn't pay off. I think that this is the ugliest quilt I've ever made. I gave up on precision when piecing the top together because I was hating it so much! Ugh.

Zig Zag string 

I picked the colors based on this fabric that I was going to use for the back, but now I don't want to waste it on this quilt. :(

Just ripped up my favorite vintage sheet. Time to start on this quilt!
I'm not sure what it is that I don't like. Does it look too choppy maybe?

Zig Zag string-2 

I love the back at least...
Zig Zag string-3

I'm trying to decide what to do with it. Donate to charity?


  1. Ok, this quilt has pretty colors. Why don't you cut the blocks up and reconfigure them? I think then it would look less planned. Just my thoughts. Good Luck, Jayne

  2. I really like it. But look at what this quilter did with her strings.

  3. hey, i'm with suzanne - i'll take it! dang, she said it first!


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