My quilt machine

I've always wanted a quilt machine. You know, you just feed the design in and out pops the quilt. Super fast and easy!

You are all going to be jealous when I tell you that I have FOUND that machine. Her name is Kelly and she is amazing in so many ways. Since I was in the middle of moving when I posted my y = 1/x paper pattern, Kelly agreed to MAKE THE SAMPLE!! Can you even handle how nice that is??

Here is what she came up with. Find out her thoughts on the process over on her blog! I think this 36" square top took her 1 hour, tops (ok, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration...). Also, I don't think she sleeps, even though she chases around 2 little boys all day. Did I mention she's amazing???

I've been helping her with one of her paper pieced patterns too. She's designing an alphabet and I've been turning her drawings into PDFs in Illustrator. Rumor has it that she's going to be giving away 4 of the letters. I'll give you a hint about which ones... I pattern tested them for her!

Pattern testing for @kelbysews


  1. LOVE the math quilt! It's so nerdy it's awesome!! (jk!) And the letters are awesome. I love mine for my Christmas quilt!!

  2. I'm just a quilt machine! Yeah, you know what I mean! LOL! Gosh, I'm a dork! I never thought I'd make an entire quilt from a paper-pieced pattern, but this really did go quickly! I seriously cannot thank you enough for helping me with my pattern. No way would I have been able to do it without you! PDF GODDESS!

  3. Well that looks like a fab trade off to me!

  4. Awesome, on both accounts. I gotta find me a quilting machine too. And an ironing one as well...


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