Video help

Last month we bought a new little camera that can record HD videos. I was super excited but didn't have anything worthy of recording. :(

Lately I've been taking the hedgehog out in the yard on warm days to let her roam around some. And I recorded it for you.

You have to trust me, the original file looks pretty good! But it's huge so I can't upload it. Also, the hedgehog pooped at the beginning of the video, so I used iMovie to edit it out. After the edit the exported file is crappy quality. You can barely see her cute little face because everything is so blurry. :(

Do any of you have experience with videos? Any helpful websites or tips you can give me?


  1. cute and looks so much like the hedgie i had about 10 years ago. I miss her! She had a long and fulfilling life of climbing everything in sight, but She is now resting peacefully with the earth. They are such good pets!

  2. Squeee! Talk about cute. No tips for uploading vids, sorry :(


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