Yellow Tweed Tunic Dress

While I was in the crazy line at JoAnn, I happened to spot an issue of Mollie Makes. As I flipped through, I saw this dress. I NEED this dress!!! It's the Monsoon Catherine Tweed Tunic. It's from a British website and the price is a bit out of my reach right now. Look at the back!

I noticed that the neckline looks similar to the tunic I made recently. And JoAnn's wool suitings are 60% off. The back will need to be tailored and the sleeves will need to be added instead of being part of the yoke. But I'm going to give it a try this weekend. 

Wish me luck!! Any tips?


  1. Not a clue, but that is one seriously cute dress. Good luck (nothing you can't tackle with a basil mojito at your side)!

  2. Monsoon make fabulous clothes, but I only ever shop in there in the Boxing Day sales and the like, otherwise my wallet (and by association bank manager) cries! Good luck with it, it looks fab :o)


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