Howl Tutorial

It's done! Here's the tutorial for the Hooded Cowl, or as I call it, the Howl.
howl logo rain

I made two versions. The first is laminate and corduroy without the pleats. Here are some outtakes and different angles. 

Rain Howl outtakes

The other version is wool and corduroy, interfaced with fusible fleece. I can assure you that it is quite a toasty combination!
Warm wooly howl

These come together VERY quickly and would make great holiday gifts! The only require a yard of fabric total (1/2 yd. lining & 1/2 yd. exterior), so they aren't crazy expensive to create either.

* Notes about the pattern:
- The pattern is about a size medium. If you have a small head, print the pattern out at 95%. If you have a large head (like my husband, see the first picture) print out at 105%. For kids it depends on little they are, but about 70% should work. 

- I have not included pictures of every step. Should you have questions, email me!

On to the pattern! I've made it a PDF so that you can easily print and save it. As always, I LOVE seeing what you've made, so add a picture to my Flickr group!

* Can't download the Scribd file? This pattern is now available on Craftsy! *



  1. Thanks! This solves a big problem I have with most cute raincoats -- Hello, what about my HAIR??

  2. So awesome! I've been taking walks in the morning and wish I had something that would combine a hat and scarf together. This is perfect! Super thank you!


  3. How clever are you? This would be so great for the football at home (Aussie Rules) I could make it in my team's colours. Nothing worse than sitting in a bucket chair in the rain at the footy. I could make a little one for my beer cup too.

  4. Ya know, I think it looks best on your hubby... j/k ;o) It's very cute, and love the name :oD

  5. Well, shoot, I could've used this today!

  6. It's such a fun idea, Ali! And you are adorable in your Howl.

  7. Too cute!! I definitely want to make this!!!

  8. Oh, the beautiful hood, great implementation! Although I have an account but I can not download unfortunately. Would you please send me the file to my mail Addy?

  9. Yes - I was also very happy to have found this hooded cowl because it is exactly what I was looking for. Only I have the same problem as the commentator before. Scribd just won't let me download. Perhaps it's because we are from Germany. May I please also ask you for your pdf? Could you send it my email address? I would really appreciate this. Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Hello Ali (Alexandra), what a beautifull howl and the pictures are also very nice!
    I wanted to download the tutorial but I seem to have the same problem as KreativChaotische ZwillingeFrau and Claudia. I can't download the file from Scribd. Could you please send me the file by mail?
    Or could you tell me if there is another way for downloading the tutorial?
    With kind regards!

  11. Ooh fantastic! What a great combo. I would love to link to this if you didn't mind!


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