I banished myself to the basement today to avoid certain people (long story, not for the blog). Anywho, that meant it was just me, my computer, sewing machine, and camera. Um, yeah, no hardships here!

1. Took pictures of me in my new dress! I slipped into it without unzipping it, if that gives you an idea of how loose it is. It's not supposed to be tight, but it's nice to know I could gain a few pounds *ahem* and it would still fit!

wearing purple dresswearing purple dress-2wearing purple dress-3

Let's talk about these photos for a sec, shall we? Do you notice how short this dress is?! Must wear leggings next time (although it would pass the fingertip dress code test). Also, I took these with the timer on my DSLR. It was precariously sitting on a pile of bricks on an ironing board. Lastly, this is right outside the sewing room (I just walked out the door). I love having cool places to take (lame) pictures. Oh yeah, I leaned over that truck and was SO GLAD that no one was out there with me (the look on my face is "I can't believe I'm doing this..."). 

2. Skinny-fied some jeans.

3. Drafted the pattern for my "Howl" and made a sample! A howl is what I call a hooded cowl. I'm going to get a few fabrics tomorrow at the MQG and make a few more with some tweaks. TUTORIAL on MONDAY.

Went with the dots! Howl tutorial will be on Monday so I can make a few tweaks


  1. The dress looks really cute on you, though I can see why you might want some leggings, it could get a little chilly mid-winter!

  2. Lok at you, don't you look cute.

  3. i love that dress! as my bff would say, "you're cuter than a speckled pup!"

  4. OMG, you are Daphne from Scooby Doo in that dress - it has such a cool retro look, I love it. And well done with the pics, I'd be hard pressed getting them that good with hubby taking them, let alone with self-timer!


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