Why I love my mom

- She's not judgmental (I need to learn to like Lynn more....)
- She doesn't incessantly talk shit about people and harp on their flaws.
- She doesn't exclude certain family members from a family dinner.
- She's good at sharing her space.
- She's an awesome baker!
- She doesn't hog Lydia when we're both around.
- If I were living at home, she would never buy a Christmas tree without me.

Obviously there are more reasons, but these are the ones I'm most grateful for this instant.

** Back to our regularly scheduled sewing chat on Monday! **


  1. hahaha I'm glad your're so happy with your mum.
    It seems to be one of the most difficult relationships for humans.

  2. Yay for great mum/daughter relationships :o)

  3. Hmm I think you have my problem. But so glad to hear you and your mum (mom) get along great!


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