Picture book girl

When I was little I HATED reading. The only books I "read" had pictures for me to look at instead. Since then I have gotten over my dislike of reading and can bury myself in a book for days. But I've found my networking has gone in that direction.

Don't follow:
- blogs
- twitter

Do follow:
- Instagram
- Flickr
- Pinterest

So I think I'm going to quit talking so much and make more picture posts, like Jeni. She has a great format!! There will be the occasional long post, but hopefully fewer.

A few photos from the week (from Instagram):
Using my swivel cutting may for the 1st time since @tamaraknits gave it to me. LOVE!!!Ran out of bobbin thread 5" before finishing the quilt top. Gah!!
Labeling my batting so I can find the best sized piece next timeSad fabric mail: 4.5 yds in the wrong color :(

P.S. Audiobooks from the library are also awesome. I currently listening to "The Name of the Wind" series by Patrick Rothfuss. It's on the yellow ipod. 
photo 1photo 2


  1. Ha, love that you have a collection of iPods lol I gave my gran a subscription to Audible for her birthday a couple of years ago as she'd won an iPod at her bowling club, but she couldn't get her head round getting it to stop and start where she wanted, so I inherited the subscription and have been having fun with audio books since - they're fab for long journeys.

  2. I just read the name of the wind and the wise mans fear. I didn't realize the series was not finished or I wouldn't have started haha I hate waiting!

  3. well you know how I love pics, so change away!

  4. I used to hate reading too and always just looked at the pictures. And I'm the same now with instagram. It's just easier. And I also just tried to download a book from my library and it didn't work. When I called them, they didn't know how to help. Lame.

  5. This is this bestest idea ever!! I might pull a copy cat move here. I hate reading unless it's something good that my bloggy friends have to say, but I love listening and looking. I like your post. :-)

  6. Love this idea and since you can clearly take a good photo it works!

  7. Love this idea and since you can clearly take a good photo it works!


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