Spring in Macro

Spring is BY FAR my favorite season. I rushed my wedding because it had to happen in Spring. Are you enjoying all the flowers (and pollen)?
*ETA: I used my Canon Powershot for these pictures*

Spring in MacroSpring in Macro-2
Spring in Macro-3Spring in Macro-4
Spring in Macro-5Spring in Macro-6
Spring in Macro-7Spring in Macro-8
Spring in Macro-9Spring in Macro-10
Spring in Macro-11Spring in Macro-12


  1. lovely photos! what camera and lens are you using?

  2. Wow Ali! These are gorgeous! Spring, yes. Pollen, no.

  3. I have mostly been avoiding the pollen lol Thankfully neither the west coast of Scotland or the west coast of Ireland are overly endowed right now, so I've been enjoying the sunshine before the snow comes back on Monday o.O Looks like spring has definitely sprung with you though!

  4. The pink dogwoods really are so beautiful!


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