Hexy Baby

I had this quilt idea one night after talking to a friend of mine who was not inspired to use blue for her new baby buy. I HAD to make a baby quilt in these colors and this design. And since I had the bee in my bonnet, it came together VERY quickly. I've confirmed that she has it (and has pictures of an itty bitty baby with it!), so I can now share it. :)

* Hexagons are not seamed down the middle. There are plenty of y-seams on this baby (ha ha pun). The quilt is small, about 34" x 36" *

Quilt for Britton

Quilt for Britton-2

Quilt for Britton-3


  1. I can't wait to take more pictures with this! I absolutely love it (And it means so much that you made it just for him!) I think you need to write a pattern! And PS: Did you know I love chemistry? This quilt reminds me of molecules. LOVE it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  2. This is darling, I love the colors!

  3. I just saw the pictures on A Crafty Fox's blog. Perfect!

  4. Gorgeous! Hats off to you regarding the Y seams, you're very brave!

  5. Love it! Think the Y seams might give me nightmares though!


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