Sewing Summit Tickets!!

The big day is finally here! Sewing Summit tickets officially go on sale, tomorrow, April 3rd, 2012 at 9:00 am MST. The first 50 tickets will be $50 off with the code FIRST50. 

Full conference ticket – with promo code – $275 (limit first 50 tickets)
Full conference ticket – regular price – $325
Full conference ticket – late registrant – $350 (after August 30th, 2012)

Conference ticket includes two lunches, one dinner, opening reception, two full days of sessions (8 classes), most classroom materials, open sewing time, parties & a VIP gift bag. 

Right now you'll just be purchasing the conference ticket to reserve your place. We'll post the agenda in the next few months so you can see exactly what the classes are and when they will be offered. Then, over the summer, you'll log back into the website and pick your classes. 

I met SO many wonderful people last year and formed lasting friendships. I hope to see a lot of you there this year to get to know you even better!

Want to find out more?
Teachers (more being announced every Tuesday!)
Jeni, one of our returning teachers, wrote a great post answering many common questions. I suggest heading over there to read what she has to say, or just ask questions in the comment form and I'll get you the details! ;)


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