Top 10!!

I have so much to share with you all!! I had an AMAZING weekend and came home to very good news.

I linked my Flock of Crazy Birds mini quilt to Megan's Festival of HSTs and made the Top 10! What?! I looked through those entries and they are so amazing. I'm am so so so honored to have made it to the top 10. Voting is open until Wednesday night, so I suggest you head over there soon and vote for your favorite.

Flock of crazy birds

Now are you ready to see what happens when 5 quilters (CherieKellyCaraKaelin, and me) get together?

There was a hunt for AMH fabric. It was exhausting and I was only watching!!

We also did some sewing. I made this sunglasses case from a metal frame I had and Kelly's scraps.

Sewing weekendSewing weekend-2 

A pity pouch from Kelly (a la Amber from One Shabby Chic).
Sewing weekend-3 

Fabric from Kelly's destash pile.
Sewing weekend-4

Fabric from the store. Large cuts for quilt backs and some AMH.
Sewing weekend-5Sewing weekend-6

I can't wait until we do it again ladies, hopefully with a few more friends.


  1. I miss you guys already! We really need to hold a summer session!

  2. So jealous of your weekend! Oh wait, I can't be that jealous, I have the FQ Retreat in under 6 weeks lol

    Good luck in the comp!

  3. Just as fun as I expected - glad you had a good time :-)

  4. Summer sounds great! I don't think I could wait until fall!

  5. Love your Flock of Birds! Your trip sounds so FUN and what great fabric finds! Good luck in the competition!

  6. Oh much fun!! :o)
    Congratulations on the top ten!!

  7. I read about that store on Kaelin's blog - all about the bags of fabric lining the walls and the dust bunnies. So funny! Sounds like you guys had a blast.


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