Let's take a walk

I got lucky and was able to run a few days while I was in Castine. I decided to take a little walk one day too so that I could take pictures to show you. 

When I run, I use the free version of the LYR app on my iphone. I'm thinking of getting the paid version because it has training options. Here is the path that I took for this walk. 2.75 miles. To run around the entire town is 4 miles. 

Have you stretched? Sunscreen, hat & glasses? Then let's begin! Instead of imbedding a lot of pictures (35! I couldn't cut it down!!), there is a slideshow below. If you want more details, check out my Flickr stream.

You'll be happy to know that my sewing room is mostly clean and organized (except for the fabric overflow!). I'll have pictures on Wednesday. I just need to put a few finishing touches on. :)


  1. Lovely place to run, walk, or just hang out. I loved your slideshow.

  2. This is gorgeous! I love all the houses! Thank you for sharing your pictures!

  3. Such a pretty looking place. And dry too, that's a bit of a novelty over here right now...

  4. I was checking out your blog after seeing your great moda bakeshop quilt tutorial. and then I saw this! I was looking at the map to see where you ran/live, and was like "no way!". I live in Ellsworth, ME!!! Well, hello neighbor!!! you have some wonderful quilts, tutorials and tips! I am going to try your zig zag binding with two quilts that I worked on tonight. have a great night.


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