I've been missing. MIA in MIA, if you will. Here's what my May looked like.

Why yes, I do put book release dates on my calendar
I found out on May 1st that I was accepted into the ICE Atlanta craft fair. As you can see, I spent half the month out of town, and the other half of the month sewing and watching movies. It was kind of like a sweat shop, since the AC was down for about 7 days.

The craft show went really well, although Sunday was really slow. I met a lot of cool, local crafters and am so excited to be part of the community.

And I'm actually off again in a couple days to Maine to relax and visit my sister and niece. But I'll have my computer and try to keep up with the blog. I'm excited to be away from my sewing machine so that I can have it professionally cleaned and work on writing up some patterns. Keep an eye out for those!!


  1. Hey, there you are. Was just wondering how you were doing and now I see you are busy, jet-setting and possibly quite sweaty too. :) Enjoy your family visit!

  2. can't wait to get my hands on that pattern... :)
    Great booth! Have fun in your travels!


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