Neutral Quilt

I promised sewing room photos today, but I'm not going to come through. It's 90% done, but I'm waiting on 1 item that's backordered and need to check out some thrift stores for the other item. I'd rather do it right than rush it. Sorry. :(

I did finish a quilt though, so hopefully that makes up for no sewing room pics.
Neutral quilt bed

This quilt started from the neutral scraps from this quilt. After the ugly backing debacle, I started working on this to be the back. These IG pics are from the beginning of March.
Neutral WIPNeutral WIP-2Neutral WIP-3

And then I loved it too much for it to just be the back. Plus, they just didn't feel right together, you know?
Shoofly quilt-5Neutral quilt

So I finished it up and it sat. I bought a duvet from Ikea for the backing (one solid piece, hurrah!), and still it sat. Then I reorganized my sewing room and I felt guilt about the number of quilt WIPs I had, so I decided to finish it up!
Neutral quilt backNeutral quilt back detail

Quilted with organic straight lines. Bound with a zig zag stitch (tutorial on how I do it on Friday!). Labels from Spoonflower. Just a 3" square folded on the diagonal and sewn in with the binding.
Neutral quilt label

Measures 67" x 79"
Neutral quilt railingNeutral Quilt stairs


  1. It's beautiful, Ali! And I think you made the right decision in not using it for the backing of your Shoo-Fly. Lovely!

  2. what a beautiful quilt...i love it. definitely deserves to be its own quilt top.

  3. Such a great quilt...I love the simplicity of it!

  4. Love it, and agree it needed to be a quilt in it's own right. I love organic straight lines. Rulers suck x

  5. Oooh, that looks fab, and love the pattern of your backing fabric too

  6. Love it! I'm working on a neutral quilt right now and I love the balance in yours.

  7. Love the neutrals - so beautiful!

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  9. I like this a lot! The neutrals are so calming to look at :)

  10. You know, usually neutrals aren't my thing, but I love this. Those 3 or 4 little splotches of color just make it so awesome. Lovely quilt.

    Sorry about the backing on your shoo fly quilt (lovely too BTW). I can't imagine even attempting cutting the backing off. Amazing.

  11. This quilt is gorgeous! I am totally smitten! I think I am going to need a neutral quilt very soon...

  12. Beautiful Ali, and I love the label!


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