When in Maine...

Make Minis!!!

My mom teaches a class up in Castine, ME every year and I go along for the scenery and proximity to my niece. At the end of the week of classes, there is an exhibit of what was made. I didn't want to put my finger in each picture for scale and didn't bring a penny. But trust me, all of this is dollhouse miniature size.

- Sewing tables and boxes. Tables are about 3" tall. That embroidery hoop wouldn't even fit as a pinky ring. 
IGMA2012 mini

- French Knots. These pieces measure 3" - 4"
IGMA2012 mini-2IGMA2012 mini-3

- Plique-a-jour, aka mini stained glass. This is the class my mom teaches. These are used as windows and lamp shades, or jewelry. It's all silver and real glass. Here you can see the lighthouse that she made (and is for sale!) with my pinky for scale and the pieces that her students made.
Lighthouse MiniIGMA2012 mini-5

- Knitting sock monkeys. This is nuts! These are about 1.5" tall from feet to head. Itty bitty. 
IGMA2012 mini-4

- A loom. Again, about 1" long.
IGMA2012 mini-6

- Foods and jams. The table top is about 4" long if that gives you any idea how small the peaches are!
IGMA2012 mini-7

- Postage stamp size paintings
IGMA2012 mini-8

- Pottery
IGMA2012 potteryIGMA2012 mini-9

- Woven basket with toys
IGMA2012 mini-11

- Sewn garment (see how big the pin is!)
IGMA2012 mini-12

There were more classes, these were just the items that I was able to get decent pictures of with my phone. Interested in making minis in Maine? Check out IGMA.


  1. Oh wow, those are amazing! I have friends that make and sell dollhouse miniatures, but the smallest I can do is a 2" bear, that's my lot lol

  2. WOW!!! So very tiny and cute. It's amazing people can work with such tiny pieces-it hurts my eyes just to think about it;)

  3. Just stunning. (And so much fun to see). Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow! These are insanely small, but totally gorgeous. Not sure I'd have the patience (or manual dexterity) to do something so tiny, but I am very impressed. Thanks for sharing!

  5. That is all seriously cool. I love it all - especially your Mum's lighthouse and those gorgeous little sock monkeys. I adore attention to detail so this is my kind of exposition.


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