A little clutch

Envelope Clutch 

A commission for a super awesome friend. She has yet to approve it, but I would totally keep it if she doesn't want it!

Envelope Clutch-2

The clutch had to have a zipper closure, so I modified the Noodlehead Envelope Clutch.

Envelope Clutch-3

Not to give away anything about her pattern, but I followed everything up to page 10. Do not complete page 11 on! Instead, take your pattern pieces and then finish them like you woud any other zipper pouch.

Envelope Clutch-4

At the opening end of the zipper I just turn the edges down and under so that they don't get stuck in the side seam. I eliminated the interior zipper because I have a strict one zipper policy. ;)


  1. A strictly one zipper policy - you're killing me.

  2. Very cute, and so glad you didn't go overboard on that zipper action, otherwise you might have had to go and lie down in a darkened room... ;o)

  3. LOVE your fabric choices with this! So pretty!
    I have a lot of that print in the taupe/green -- but I LOVE it in the yellow!

  4. Very nice little clutch - LOVE that yellow print!


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