Giveaway winner and some pictures

Before I left for Comic Con I posted a giveaway for a Clover Bias Tape Maker. There were some awesome odes and I suggest you check them out. The winner is Cori from Let's Eat Grandpa!

Once, long ago, in a land far away
All of my bindings would have pins the wrong way
As I went along, my fingers would get stuck
Words leapt from my mouth (even "Oh @#$!")
Then I found the answer, they are Wonder Clips
And the words are more beautiful that come from my lips.
Of their praises I will sing, all day and all night:
"Wonder clips are amazing! I've seen the light!"

I will leave you with some photos from my weekend in San Diego (more over on Flickr). It was intense. If there's interest I'll write up details about our experience, but it's a lot of geekery. :)

Comic Con 2012Comic Con 2012Comic Con 2012-2
Comic Con 2012-4Comic Con 2012-5Comic Con 2012-6
Comic Con 2012-7Comic Con 2012-10Comic Con 2012-16


  1. I would enjoy reading about your time at comic-con. My son recently moved to California and he wanted my husband to fly out and go to comic-con with him. But it sounds like a process to even get tickets. It looks like fabulous fun!

  2. were you really that close to matt/karen/arthur??? i've been seeing pics of them from comic con floating around... so jealous. it took me a long time to come around to matt, but i kind of love him now. and i want to name my baby river.

  3. Lovely ode - and I'm sold on the binding clips too!
    I've heard ComicCon is just crazy, you're brave. Did you wait 12 hrs in line to be in the same (enormous) room as Bella and Edward or did you go for something a little more *ahem* grown-up? And yes, Dr Who is grown-up :)

  4. I'm glad you guys had a blast!I can't even imagine how crazy it must have been.

  5. That really was a great ode! Comic Con looked way too crowded for me - hope you had fun!

  6. That really was a great ode! Comic Con looked way too crowded for me - hope you had fun!

  7. Thanks so much for the giveaway! Looking forward to my new toy. I'll have to write an ode to it, too! Would love to go to ComicCon one of these days :)

  8. ComicCon! Were you a SDCC virgin this year? It's sheer madness huh? I've been going for years for work; this year was my first time purely for fun. :)


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