Months ago I went through a Hexagon phase. I designed quite a few hexagon quilts, but only a few were made. One was sent to Amanda's son, the other will be revealed on Monday for my Festival of Hexagons tutorial.

Quilt for Britton 

Let's talk about that first one though. I was obsessed. I made another, trying to tweak my construction, but it turns out I had it right the first time.

Hext baby 2Hext baby 2-2

Amanda pushed me into creating a pattern. I wanted it to be MORE. Not just a baby quilt, but a pattern for a real size quilt too.


And as I was designing, I found a way to make it EVEN MORE. You see, this pattern is actually 4 sections that you can mix and match. That gives you 4! variations (that's 4 factorial, or 4x3x2x1= 24 variations)!

Heximetry sample pages

It took time. I made the first one about 6 months ago. That time let me really get things right. I took my time making super awesome diagrams. I thought about how to make things clearer and easier for you. So I did what Amanda hates: I made video tutorials. There is a link in the pattern to a private page with some private videos, just for you! These are videos that show some of the steps to get you going.

ali screen shot

The Festival of Hexagons kicks off on Monday right here, with a free quilt tutorial. But if you can't wait and want to get your hex on this weekend, you can buy this pattern at my Meylah shop. It's on sale for $7 through next Friday (a festival special!) and then it will go back to being $9.
Heximetry coverHeximetry-details
A few more gratuitous pictures.




  1. Awesome, really really great. Congrats on the pattern. I will have to get this one.

  2. Gorgeous! And I love the blue/green mix as well. It reminds me a little of molecule diagrams - people could put together their favourite element.

  3. Aww, bless, your maths teacher geek self totally came out in this post ;o) Love the pattern though :o)

  4. I need to make a quilt for our bed, the one we have is falling apart. I will definitely be keeping this pattern in mind when I'm ready to decide what to do.

  5. Loved the quilt you made for Britton. I obviously need this pattern. Heading to your shop now...

  6. This post totally appealed to my maths geek side! Awesome quilt, love the bordered hexagons :o)

  7. It is so fun! Your quilting accentuates the hexagons perfectly, too!

  8. This quilt is beautiful! I think I need to make one. In all my spare time...hehe.


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