Quilt sample sale

If you follow me on Instagram then you saw the picture I posted this week of the quilts in my living room.

There are 12 in this picture, plus 3 in the bedroom, and 5 finished ones in my sewing room. Plus unfinished quilt tops everywhere. It's a problem, to say the least!

I've reopened my Etsy shop to destash some quilts, mostly samples I've made for patterns and tutorials. If you're looking for a hexy quilt but don't have time to make one there are a few up for grabs ;)

Speaking of hexies, did you see the tutorials this week?! I am always so impressed with the ingenuity and creativity out there. We have 5 more lined up next week, be sure to check them out!

Ali from a²(w) : Hexstatic Quilt

Kelly from Kelbysews : Boxy Pouch

Terri from Sew Fantastic : Floorpillow

Monday, Aug. 20
Lindsey from LRStitched
Tuesday, Aug. 21
Wednesday, Aug. 22
Michelle from Super Orange Sewing (formerly I Like Orange, Too)
Thursday, Aug. 23
Sara from Sew Sweetness
Friday, Aug. 24

Saturday, Aug. 25

Aug. 27 - Sept. 2
Link Party

Sept. 3 - Sept. 5

Friday, Sept. 7
Winners announced


  1. They all look fab, and hey, if they sell you have money to buy more fabric :oD

  2. Exciting! I might be tempted if I go to your etsy shop.... I'll just peak at it and not stay too long ;)

  3. I'm loving this Festival of Hexies, but I can't seem to view Wednesday's post. The link leads me to a blog with no posts. :(


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