Sewing garments

One of my resolutions (that I've kept!) was to sew more garments this year. I've had a serger for a couple years that has sat unused, so I dusted it off and tried it out!

First I made a couple maxi skirts from Leanne's tutorial. The other skirt is black and is currently in the laundry because these are in heave rotation around here! Don't have a serger or need a little help whipping one up? Leanne will be teaching this class at Sewing Summit!!
Garments 2012Garments 2012-2

I also made a couple Schoolhouse Tunics. This length is between the tunic and shirt length. Super simple pattern!
Garments 2012-5Garments 2012-6
Garments 2012-3Garments 2012-4

Lastly, I made a couple Wiksten Tanks a few days before we went to Comic Con. I chose a few "nerdy" fabrics for these. I did alter the pattern slightly by taking in the neck since I think the back was too wide, and brought the neck up about 1". And I used pre-made bias tape. This pattern uses French seams as opposed to serging the seams.
Garments 2012-9Garments 2012-10
Garments 2012-7Garments 2012-8

I wore a skirt that I made a few days ago and loved the fit, so I think I'll be pulling out that pattern next! Have you sewn any clothes? If not, are you interested in garment sewing?


  1. I love your tunics and tanks!! I just ordered fabric to make my first two garments (Wiksten tank and a dress)! I was going to wait until Sewing Summit to try garment sewing but I figured I might as well just give it a try!

  2. I'm interested but am lazy and stick with what I know (quilts). I will get there one day.

  3. I made a dress/tunic this weekend. I have yet to post it yet though. I made it harder than it had to be. I'd like to give it another go. I plan to purchase the Wiksten tank, but am a little worried about the bust not being big enough.

  4. I love your nerdy tanks! My grandmother gave me her serger recently, but it frightens me!

  5. Well done you, love them all! I'm currently learning garment pattern drafting, and it's both fascinating and great fun. Hopefully by next week I'll have both a self drafted skirt and shirt for myself :o)

  6. Love love love! Especially the keyboard top.

  7. What is your source for fabric? I have a hard time finding anything decent for garment sewing. Thanks


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