Sewing Classes

This week has been all about picking classes since SS registration opened up on Tuesday. If you aren't going to Sewing Summit though, never fear. Craftsy has some great classes and they ARE ALL ON SALE until Monday. Sale is over. 

Online Quilting Classes

I've already signed up for a few (Sewing with Knits and Sassy Librarian Blouse) and can't wait to get started (once I have a free minute!). 


  1. Heh, I've signed up for 3 Craftsy classes in previous sales, think I've got round to them yet? Errr, no, oops!

    I do love my SS selection though, but I think I was bucking the trend by only wanting 1 hands on class and the rest lectures!

  2. I think the are a few of these that may jump into my cart....:). Do they ever expire, or can you take them whenever you have time?

  3. I've got a great line up for SS and bought Elizabeth Hartman's class as well as Angela Walters FMQ - good thing they last a lifetime because it just may take me that long to get around to it.

  4. LOVE craftsy - I bought sewing with knits and artisan bread (which is why I'll be wearing all knits - teehee).


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