Sewing Summit Travel Handmade Tutorial

After Sewing Summit last year I was so inspired to make goodies to travel with. Traveling handmade is not only awesome because you can make exactly what you want, but you'll also get TONS of compliments. It really is the best way to show off your mad sewing skills.

mobius blanket collage
These photos were also taken last year...

I made this LAST year. Literally, the week after Sewing Summit. I've been sitting on the tutorial (which was already written!) for who knows what reason, waiting for the perfect time to post. So it's only fitting that I finally get it up for this year's Travel Handmade series.

I call this the Infinity Blanket. I think that items should have many jobs, especially when you travel. This guy can be worn as an infinity scarf/cowl, a shawl, or a blanket. Plus it's small and light and SUPER quick to sew up!

Infinity Scarf 

How to wrap the scarf:
1. Fold the scarf in half along the length and button the buttons to the button holes (not elastics)
2. Fold the scarf in half again, making sure that the voile/flannel side is facing out.
3. Wrap around your neck. I like to fuss with it so that the twist is in back and the buttons end up on one side (rather than at the center)
4. Button the buttons to the elastic.

Ready to make one??

If you make one I'd love to see it. Be sure to add it to my Flickr group, or better yet, show me at Sewing Summit!


  1. This is just awesome Ali - you rock!!

  2. What a clever idea! And so pretty!

  3. Oh, now that looks like it could be perfect for a long plane ride and time spent in the airport at silly o'clock...

  4. So freaking creative!!! What a great idea, and perfect for a plane ride. You just went up like 20 pegs in my book :D


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