Fall Drive 2012

Every year Josh and I find a scenic drive to experience fall. I bring my camera. Yeah, the one that I was unhappy with a few days ago. Maybe it isn't that bad.

Enjoy a tour of the North Georgia mountains!

Fall drive 2012-2
Josh took this one. Look at those spiders!!
Fall drive 2012-7 

Fall drive 2012-6 

Fall drive 2012 
Boots are the proper fall picture taking shoe.

Fall drive 2012-13
I love my car!
Fall drive 2012-16 

Fall drive 2012-12
Some trees were colorful!

Fall drive 2012-11
Others had already dropped their leaves.
Fall drive 2012-17 

Fall drive 2012-18 

Fall drive 2012-10 

This last one is straight out of the camera (SOOC). Only thing I did was add my logo. 

Fall drive 2012-14


  1. We'll be in Blairsville in two weeks. Living in Florida, we don't get to see much fall color - I hope it's not all gone! Your pictures make me wish I was there right now...

  2. These are GREAT photos, thanks for sharing! That last one...some times you are just meant to be in the right place at the right time.

  3. Great pictures! Love the last one especially. And... wouldn't those red & yellow leaves be great color inspiration for a quilt!?

  4. Gorgeous and I think there's nothing wrong with your camera, these pics are amazing!

  5. oh my gosh -- these are gorgeous!! I'm kind of in love...


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