SS12 - Travel Handmade

Now that we got that picture issue cleared up, let's look at some handmade goodies!

What I made before I left:
A Weekender! I used Peltex on the bottom and feel that the Peltex is truly what makes the Weekender a monster! I would like to remove Peltex from my life. Also, I just sergered my inside seams and called it a day. The bag is sturdy, the seams are sturdy, and I'm the only one looking in there!

SS Handmade 2012-7

SS Handmade 2012-8

The ugliest iPad case ever. It was 2 am, I was getting on a plane in a few hours, and I needed a case. Plus, I knew I would come home with a nice case, so I just needed something to hold me over.

SS Handmade 2012-2

A little organizer to keep all my class lists and needs straight. I copied Terri's design (but altered it for my needs).

SS Handmade 2012-3

I also had all my handmade goodies from last year!

What I came back with made by others:
An iPad case made by Amber and donated to the Silent Auction. Love it!

SS Handmade 2012-6

A zipper pouch made by Erika. It held all of my small sewing supplies on the way home and I adore it, just like I adore Erika.

SS Handmade 2012-4

A cute bracelet made by Terri. She is such a sweety and full of energy! Plus: Hope Valley!!!

SS Handmade 2012

A little box/bin made by Darcy. This is heading to school with me to keep my keys in place in my desk. Darcy filled it with candy and a Starbucks card. She's also won my bag at the Silent Auction. Dare I say she is my biggest supporter? I think so. Love her. I'm lucky enough to get to see her more than once a year!

SS Handmade 2012-11

A clutch from Elena. Perfect for phone, money, and ID. I put it to use right when she gave it to me!! She also included cute hair pins AND a sewing necklace!!

SS Handmade 2012-9

A pillowcase to protect me from hotel germs, courtesy of Michelle. She even shipped it to the hotel so that I would have a present waiting for me there! I was so sad that she couldn't come teach and be my roomie. At least a I had a little part of her there. 

** Picture pending. It's on my bed, which usually looks a mess! **

Beautiful calligraphy from Melissa! I also won this in the Silent Auction. I am all about getting out the seam ripper (which, BTW, I love my Baby Lock seam ripper that was in our BL goodie bags!).

SS Handmade 2012-5


  1. Ohh, a post! I set my alarm for this, lol! Love all your handmade goodies. Don't we have talented friends? Love it all. :)

  2. I'm jealous of all of your goodies! I also hate you think the bag would be okay if I just used fusible fleece for the exterior? Would love to hear your thoughts :)

  3. Goodie bags??? Man, I missed out.
    Love all the gorgeous things you came home with. Handmade rocks!

  4. So jealous! Haha! Love your handmade gifts.

  5. I totally feel you on the Peltex. I just used it to make a cover for my Nook, and oh. my. gosh. What a beast.

  6. Aaaww - you're too nice! I'M the one who's thrilled that you're in Atlanta now :)


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