Feeling Festive

Welcome Janome readers! And if you are here because you have stuck with me through this silence, thank you! I'm being featured on the Janome website today, so you'll have to excuse all the exclamations. I'm a bit excited, to say the least! If you have even sewn with me, you will know how much I love my Janome and I'd like to think I'm the reason that a few friends have switched. ;)

Last week I toiled to get my bedroom decorated while my husband was out of town because I like surprising him when he gets home. 

Step 1 was a quilt that popped into my head. I originally wanted snowflakes, but I couldn't come up with a good pieced design (and have no desire to applique). Then it struck me: STARS! And finally GOLD STARS!

Star Quilt-43

I created a variation on my Starry Night pattern. I used a few of the star templates and created a different layout.

Star QuiltStar Quilt-41

The gold fabric is Dear Stella Gilt Trip. I had 1 yard and used every last piece (you'll see). I had 3 yards of the background cream (forget which manufacturer it is. Kona I think) and again used every last bit!

Star Quilt-45
scraps sewn to twill tape, linen selvedge, and lights

For the back I used Dear Stella Gilt Trip in Navy and some linen that I had on hand. The piece of linen was exactly that size and determined the layout. 

Star Quilt

I quilted it in gold thread. It broke. A lot. But really, I think it was worth it. I hated every minute of the quilting though. The heavy linen and fragile thread were a terrible combination.

Star Quilt-50Star Quilt-51

I get jealous of all the holiday mantels I see so I created my own above my bed. Most of the items are just baubles that I had around the house.

Star Quilt-44

I added our stockings, although they will probably get moved into the living room with the tree.

Star Quilt-46Star Quilt-48
Star Quilt-47Star Quilt-49

Thanks for stopping by! Now back to work (papers to grade, presents to make, etc etc)


  1. Very cool feature, and I love the simplicity of that quilt!

  2. I love the "clean" look of the quilt & your bedroom!

  3. Fun, you did a great job! I love my Janome, too. I just (or rather Santa) just got my oldest daughter a DC1050 for Christmas. We are a Janome family now:)

  4. it's so pretty!
    I love the photos in the tree lot too! :)

  5. Beautifully festive! I'm afraid I'm of the tackier persuasion and my Christmas quilt will feature some of your gnoma's buddies ;o)

  6. your room is so dreamy. what a great quilt

  7. Ali, this is gorgeous! I love your star quilt.

  8. It's me, Michelle! I love all of this Ali. Love. It.

  9. Love your star quilt, fabulous design! Loving that tree pillow on your bed too!

  10. That is awesome! I bet he was super surprised when he got home. I love that gilt fabric too, silly me didn't think about using it for Christmas though. Great idea.

  11. What a wonderful quilt - it looks perfect on your bed! Your decorations are fantastic too!

  12. Really lovely. I so hope your Hubby enjoys the surprise. Cheers, Karen

  13. The quilt is gorgeous and I love your Christmas mantle!

  14. This is just lovely, Ali.,I hope your hubby liked the surprise :)


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