Back to sewing

Do you ever get burned out from sewing? I was just done. I wanted to just sit on the couch and watch hours of tv and not be productive. And I happened to get sick, so that's what I did. I caught up on 7 episodes of Vampire Diaries, 3 episodes of Downtown Abbey, and 5 episodes of The Office.


It felt good, but now I'm back to sewing. I decided to join the X Plus Along (#xplusalong) happening on IG. But to make it hard, I pulled from scraps. Lots of scraps. I weighed them so that I would have some sense of how much I used.


And some stash to fill in the holes.

Here are the first few blocks. Not in love yet, but I'm hoping that, as with most quilts, the sum will be more than the parts.


Not really loving it. I may abandon...

Have you lost your sewing mojo? What projects keep you going?


  1. I think it looks amazing! Please keep working on it!

  2. That looks great. I lost my sewing mojo all last year and really only quilted when I went to retreats. So I suppose it was just those retreats that I'd booked and paid for that kept me going.

  3. I think it'll all come together - that's the nature of the x and +. Glad you are feeling some better, and hope a new project (or two) will keep you going!

  4. Well it looks Like you are off to a great start. Love all the colors. I know I loose my sewing mojo for a while then Something new comes along some unexpected bit of creativity and band I am off again creating. Don't worry about it just go with the flow..Try some new form of craftyness for a while to fill the voidand then before you know it you will be back sitting in front of those machines. conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  5. I wouldn't say that I've ever gotten burned out on sewing but there have definitely been times where my creative juices were out of order. I would go into my sewing room and just sit and stare at the fabric waiting for something to inspire me :) Glad your back at it though!

  6. I love your blocks. That's one pattern I want to try sometime. I know how you feel about losing your sewing mojo. I feel that way right now. All I feel like doing is watching TV. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm attributing it to the cold, gray weather. I'm hoping that the coming longer and sunnier days will snap me out of these doldrums. Good luck to you.

  7. Hello there. May I ask how big the blocks are? I love your scraps by the way : )

  8. I'm working on the x+ quilt and I love it. I'm not carrying any one color through all the blocks like you did the black although I love what you did, I may have to try this. If you abandon, will gladly accept your orphans. BTW I love your blog and visit often. Thanks for sharing your tutorials.


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