Last weekend (wait, 2 weekends ago?), when the ladies were in town, we organized a swap amongst ourselves. While we're swapped by chance through Flickr, we had never really arrange anything just between us. So I paired everyone up and gave myself to Kaelin.

She did not disappoint! I really think that I ended up with the best item (which is what everyone thinks when a swap is a success). As soon as I saw it I yelled that I had seen this photo on Pinterest! Kaelin, with her made piecing skills, turned this image of origami ornaments into my wickedly awesome mini.

Kaelin Mini-1
Source: via Kaelin on Pinterest

I too have been Pinspired recently. I really wanted to enter the Sew-vivor competition but couldn't find anything that I thought was awesome enough. I already have plans for the 3 challenges, so I NEED to be picked! ;) Browsing through my pins I stumbled on this guy.

There's something completely awesome about it and I knew it had to be made. With inset circles. No applique here! Luckily I happen to have quite a bit of experience piecing circles and managed to finish this mini / wall art in an afternoon.

Future Globes Mini layers back

I have no clue what brand or color the solids are. The grey is a Free Spirit print and the black is flannel. The background is an Ikea fabric.

Future Globes Mini Front details

I spray basted it with a layer of batting and a muslin backing and wrapped it around an Ikea frame that I had on hand.

Future Globes Mini-6

Here you can see that the outer orange ring is pressed outwards. It really bothered me so I had to take it off the frame and press that ring inward. Much better! Wish me luck!

Future Globes Mini


  1. Love it wrapped around the frame. Good luck.

  2. Very cool! Love seeing the back of it too!

  3. This is so freaking cool ali! LOVE!

  4. oh my this is so cool!!! Sure caught my eye!

  5. This made me gasp - in a good way. Wow it's stunning. I just found your blog but know that it's in my Reader already! Your work is so very great.

  6. I loooove loooove this Ali! :) good luck!


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