My Precious!

Last year my friend Kelly started a little challenge of sorts to use up that precious fabric that we've all been hoarding.


So I did it. I cut into the tiny pieces of fabric from my trip to Japan in 2007 (before I was really into sewing and fabric), added some other prints that I love, and made my first square patchwork quilt.

Precious book

On the back I used the Nano Iro I bought in Japan. Again, I had no idea how awesome Nani Iro was at that point. I added some gold fabric (only 3.5 yards left Kristie!!) and coordinating solids. Can I just say how much I love Cotton Couture? The back of this thing is crazy soft.

Precious back

I stitched in the ditch to keep it simple.

Precious detail
Do you see that black and white pebble fabric? I carved the stamp and printed it in a class with Lizzy House in 2009. 

This is definitely my new favorite quilt. While I still love my first quilt, this one, made 5 years later, has become my new favorite.

And since it was such a pretty location (an office park, *ahem*) I snagged a pic of me with my quilt assistant.



  1. you two look super cute in that last picture! :)
    Such a pretty quilt! You were so trendy (hello - low volume?) before you even knew it was trendy!

  2. Your patchwork quilt is gorgeous! The location for the photo shoot is perfect :)

  3. That's great that you used up some 'special' fabric. I have some hand dyed fabrics I bought about 7 years ago! What a great idea to actually use it!! Now you can enjoy it in your beautiful quilt!

  4. Wonderful idea. Isn't it good to have them in a format you can use, rather than just squirrelling them away?

  5. Eeeks! Only 3.5 yards? May need to restock soon!

    Lovely quilt, and isn't your assistant a cutie! (But tell him I said "handsome stud")

  6. Cute! I bet you won't even miss stashing them. :)

  7. It's lovely! Well done for using up some lovely fabrics...they are much easier to enjoy as a quilt than folded up on the shelf :o)

  8. Gorgeous pic by the way. Beautiful setting for your beautiful quilt


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