The Stash Bash

Chris put together this awesome little event a couple weeks ago called Stash Bash. It was just south of Atlanta  so a no brainer that I had to go. The location was gorgeous!

And as happens at these events, there was lots of sewing...

Pouch I made for the swap

Swap with Safieh. She made the pouch and I made the tote!

Finally cut into my Modern Meadow!!


and shenanigans...

Even if it's informal, I really urge you to just take a weekend and dedicate it to sewing with friends - old and new. The pictures may not be the best (ahem, camera phone), but it's not about the pictures, right? And if you do want something a little more structured, why not come to Sewing Summit in September??


  1. Ali, I finally bought your boxed tote pattern/worksheet on Craftsy last night AND made the library bag from the pattern. IT WAS AWESOME! What nice dimensions! I used my Harry Potter screen prints from Stash Bash, along with some fat quarters I bought from Beth and made a wonderful bag for my daughter. I will share pics on Instagram as soon as my daughter gets home from college in a couple weeks. I don't want to spoil her surprise. And I can't tell you how nice it was to finish a project in just two hours. :)

  2. so fun!
    Darn me for living out here in CA!


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