Moist bathing suit.

It's gross, right? You know what else is gross?

Loose sheets.

Is that just me? I hope not. While I'm not super picky about making the bed, I do like to make sure the pillowcases and fitted sheet are snug. Not like that hotel BS where they use a flat sheet on the bottom too.


The problem was that Josh's pillows are constantly coming out of their cases. He's not very gentle with his pillows. I've tried buttons, but those aren't the nicest to have against your face. So I finally decided to just make some pocket pillowcases.


These will be for the guest room at our new house!


These are super simple, but I'll have a quick tutorial on Thursday so that you don't have to figure out the cutting dimensions. :)


  1. I love this! My boyfriend also has a nighttime battle with his pillowcase. I have that IKEA print too...maybe we'll be twinsies :)

  2. Good plan!! My husband is a total sheet and pillowcase ruiner too even though he denies it...I hate even putting a flat sheet on because it gets so mangled! I'm eager to see how you've done these, they look wonderful! Love the quilt too, super cute!

  3. LOVE! I need some of that Ikea fabric! Gah. I will totally use your tutorial!

  4. Ohh my goodness... A house. Congratulations!!!


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