Stash Match -> Stash Flash

Things have been quiet around here. Having taken October (inadvertently) off from Stash Match I found myself wanting to go in a new direction. Not abandon the idea completely, but integrate you all a little bit more. So this will be the last month of Stash Match. Starting next month (December) we will have Stash Flash!


I'll still have a few of your favorite bloggers send me pictures of what fabrics they would use based on an inspiration. But you won't be matching them up - I'll just give you the answers ;)

There will be a linky for you to post pictures of YOUR fabric (flash your stash off to the world, oooh la la!) for the same inspiration and I'll randomly select a winner. See, winning is easier!! Plus it'll put a lot more inspiration out there! Because I think we can all agree that looking at fabric stacks is awesome.

I'm adding an Instagram aspect to this as well since realistically that's how I take most of my pictures and I suspect many of you are the same way. We're going to use the hashtag #stashflash (it's not used much so we can steal it!). There will be a second winner from the Instagram pool (please don't double post).

December's link up and IG contest will start on Dec. 2 and run to Dec. 25 with the winners announced on Dec. 27. Our theme will be "winter" (any way you want to interpret that). So start pulling fabrics - you'll need at least 10!

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